The cost of character development

It has been estimated that the United States will be investing approximately 1,152.15 billion dollars in education in the year 2016 [1]. This is approximately 200% more than was spent fifteen years prior in 2001. Certainly inflation plays a role in this increase, but the argument for an increased investment in education is easy to […]

Win as much as you can

There’s this game out there called Win as Much as you Can. The rules are simple: win as much as you can. The participants are divided into four smaller groups and the rules are explained. Points are awarded to individual groups depending on whether they choose red or green in a series of 10 rounds. […]

Contact lenses

Humans today are accustomed to benefiting from the modern conveniences we have at our disposal without thinking twice. Not to say that we’re not thankful – but it is important to recognize how lucky we are to live in such a time where more and more people are benefiting from modern conveniences that improve overall […]

What coffee and Glee have in common

Today I had my typical cup of coffee and I was compelled to write about it. The common acquired tastes are easy to distinguish – sushi, beer, scotch, asparagus, horseradish, and of course coffee. Everyone enjoys the smell, but the taste is somewhat unexpected. Bold and bitter, sometimes earthy. Mrs. Diehl taught me all about […]

Moving in or moving out?

I heard today was move-in today for first-year students at Coe College, my Alma mater. I’m thinking back to when I first moved in four years ago. I lived in Murray Hall on the 6th floor – my roommate and I had never met each other. I remember thinking about all of my goals and […]